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The Secret Recipe of the Anglo-Saxon Bread

So here is the context

On my trip to the north of the UK, I had a strange dream ... I was driven to visit the timelines where I saw through them several cathedrals with the symbol of a cross in a circle, and I heard several times the number 333 (symbol of universal Christ light). At the end of this dream, I saw Archangel Michael preparing an event for a prayer group, I decided to join them to pray.

When I woke up from this dream, I felt more than ever guided and supported, I felt through me the universal faith that goes beyond all the religions and I realized that the visit of these cathedrals will help me to connect to this cosmic light of love and spread it through my words and my universal prayers.

Not really religious and preferring magical an natural places with my friends :Trees and plants, I felt a little hesitant to visit churches and cathedrals. In my touristic trips, I feel much suffering and dark magic that I don' t understand yet the origin as I wasn't raised in a catholic culture. Yet, I decided to trust, archangel Michael is with me anyway !

Not knowing too much what are these cathedrals or where they are on this area, I made a research on the web and I almost fell of my chair when I discovered .... 3 cathedrals in the surroundings!

The adventure

So I started my visit to the first Cathedral of St. Mary, then the second of St. Nicholas who are both in the same city : Newcastle.

In the 2nd cathedral I met a charming lady who took care to explain to me the stories behind the 3 cathedrals and recommended me the visit of Jarrow Hall Village before heading to Durham where the 3rd cathedral is.

The next day, enthusiastic and curious as ever, I took the direction of the Anglo-Saxon village and museum at the same time, and what was my surprise in finding the circle with a cross at the entrance!

The village of Jarrow Hall houses a museum dedicated to exploring the life and legacy of the venerable Bede, a monk, translator and historian of the 700s, as well as a large Anglo-Saxon farm that houses rare breeds , and even real habitations and habitants

Moreover it is in this village that I met 2 Anglo-Saxons who were more than happy to share this recipe! But before i deliver it to you, I want to show you this picture where Odin is represented with his 2 wolves who bring him and whisper to him the news of distant lands ... Isn't that what we do in Shamanism!

So here is the moment to give yourself - as it has been shared to me by David Cleveland- this ancestral recipe to be jealously guarded and shared only with those you love;)

Anglo-Saxon Bread a test batch.


Salt A table spoon

Olive Oil Two table spoons

Clear Honey Two tablespoons

Spelt flour 500g [You can get in Morrison]

Water About six cups [lukewarm]

Use wooden spoons

Use a large Porcelain bowl.

Where possible use Live yeast or Brewers Yeast.

Mix Yeast with warm water creating a milky liquid.

Place flour in a large bowl add Oil and Honey.

Dissolve salt in a cup of warm water.

When yeast is frothy add to bowl.

Add remaining three cups of water to the mix to create a

sticky dough.

Mix with the spoon until your arm ache.

Keep warm water close by as you may need to add as and

when required.

Place the dough in a warm place [I use the oven at 90 degrees].

When the dough is about twice its size turn it out onto floured


Fold but do not Knead.

Place in bread tin bake at 200 degrees for about 25 to 35 minutes.

The finished loaf.

Tap with a wooden spoon if it sounds drum like it is done.

If it comes out OK then you will need to increase the ingredients

as to number of breads you require.

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Much love, Ouassima