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Journey with the Prisma Vision Tarot

We are sharing here part of our study with this deck, if you want to know more about it, visit the main page of the challenge here or join our facebook group

Expertise of the #PrismaVision ?

Sun + King of Wands + Hermit

I help you to master your creativity and energy and teach you on how you play with it and share it, I am an energy deck, so you can use me for spells about your self and your work, I help you to play as a catalyst of intention. I am not speaking loudly, I am silent and talk in a an intuitive way, I bring you to question your self :

Who am I ? What do I want ? What am I good at ?

You now see that I help you connect to your Inner sun (In the King of wands, the person is cu in two, in the Solar plexus Area : the inner sun) You can meditate with me and when you are done, you would probably get some answers that are deeper than what you expected.

Words : Search deeper, Calm, share your insights after meditation, Find your true purpose, Creativity that comes from inside, Clarity of thought, Intention, Simple Rituals

Why is he here now in our lives ?

hanged man + 4 of pentacles : I am coping to break you and your clients free from the "definitions you gave to your self and to others" I help you see the useless ways of being" and help you to liberate your self from them. I act with kindness but with truth. and while I am showing you this pictures I act on your unconscious with my colors and my waves...

What do we need to know from the deck ? what work will you do together ?

The Chariot : Moving ahead with a new vision inside out, clarify your intentions regarding your desires. Do you see that car in the darkness, like this car, I enlighten you in the darkness to show you answers and ... more importantly your deep motivations.

What does the deck think about you ?

5 of pentacles : In the middle of the night, a dark night of the soul, where you find your self in the dark room, without your identity, your cloths, your ego, naked in front of the absurdity of life sometimes, you surrender at that time to what is bigger than "you-ego" and let that big energy of creation surround you and guide you into a new journey, a new vision...

Cards you love or hate ?

I am getting to love this deck more and more, It is alive, not really cold as I thought before, some cards are so strong, yet the colors make them smooth for us to absorb and analyse.

Some cards are so beautiful : Ace of swords : like the sword is looking at us, Did you see the bird on it ? like it is waiting for us, inviting us to think and act . It reminds me the sword of Arthur

And the court cards ! What a beautiful cards again ! the unicorn in the Knight of pentacles reminds me that this deck has many fantastic creatures ! Dragons, serpents, etc...

The card I didn't like but came to appreciate it : is the "Illumination" I understand it, I see why it is so different from other cards, Illumination changes our universe, the colors change, the way we see the world changes, and did you see the little cat that is watching this change ?

To be continued


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