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Modern Spellcaster's Tarot : What is your spirit ?

This article is a summary of our month study with this deck. Many participants gave their opinions and feelings about it. To find all the posts and know more about this study, check here


  • It’s a very interesting deck full of magic!

  • Loving and playful

  • This deck has an old spirit, it’s not ancient but an important part of the olden times

  • Old wisdom that maybe forgotten

  • The art is clear and expressive

  • The magic it brings is the magic of living in sync with nature and teaching me the ability to shape and bend reality

  • For shadow work

  • Help you tear down misconceptions and illusions you hide behind.

  • This deck is so full of symbolism

  • the artwork is realist and you can almost be in the scenes

  • The cards are full of ritual

  • Unburdened authenticity. Personal power. A sense of true freedom without pretense. And I can't help but feel connected to my ancestors and their magick.

  • Feel earth, herbs, magick and ancestors

"This spirit of this deck is one of mastery. A master of magick. I believe this deck is old and wise and it will show its characteristics through the transformation it will bestow upon me. The art in this deck will show me how to be creative and passionate and a little daring. It will help me step out of my comfort zone. But the magick that it will bring me will be of the Gods. It will be wise and It will teach me well with a firm hand." By Nancy L

"My spirit is one that will change you. Things you think you know will be changed into something new. Allow the process to bring the pheonix out of you to. Let my magic create magic inside youI am old and new all at the same time. A life cycle that grows, bears fruit, dies, and rises again. This process of change will bring a change in you. We will grow together, you will look at things that are different with acceptance instead of seperation.My art too will show you different is ok. Everything isn't as it seems. When you think your too small or weak to bear the large sword, take it anyway, you will find it was meant for you. We WILL create magic together. You will learn how to manifest growth and abundance. I called you to the runes and my message from them shows you you will have a change of perspective inside yourself from visions by my use." By Julia M

"My spirit is mystery and reflection, introspection and going deep, looking into the subconscious and learning secrets, and standing on the boundary between light and shadow. I am tramping the path between the old and the new, with drive and commitment , bringing the lessons of old into the present, and I have many to teach. The lessons are a gift that you will feel the power and strength of, and they connect your subconscious self to natural forces My art is an active principal in the deck, bringing myth, magic and nature together with new opportunities to explore its symbolism. I bring the magic of transformation, endings that make way for new beginnings" Maria H


  • Tarot of the Sidhe

  • Rune Oracle

  • Witches Runes

  • Nature's Healing Oracle

  • A Crystal Oracle

  • Crystal Grid Oracle Cards

  • Nature's Pharmacy Oracle

  • Illustrated Herbiary Oracle

  • Nature-Speak Oracle

  • Wisdom of the Trees Oracle

  • Mildred Payne

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