Challenges with Tarot & Oracles

a new and easy way of playing with cards while thinking about various topics using Tarot and Oracle decks

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I am so glad I purchased this. There are so many different subjects that you can work with that it gives a whole NEW dimension to the Tarot and how to use it. Luci


This book is a great addition to those of us who love working with tarot cards! It has a lot of great prompts and ideas for working with your cards. She gives you permission to do as much or as little as you want with the prompts, you never need to feel overwhelmed , as some other tarot courses may make you feel. This book can be used with tarot or oracle cards. Thank you Ouassima...

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365 days challange with Tarot & Oracle 
for Busy Souls
Volume 1

This is a one-year immersion challenge for ALL, whether you are initiated to tarot and oracles, … or not.

This book offers practical and fun exercises, short and sweet, that you can do within whatever time you have in your day. Whether you have 5 minutes or want to take an hour a day to dive deeper in your study, it's up to you. The principles are simple: having a spiritual practice while having fun and evolving. Even if you don’t have much time, you can still learn and use your decks.

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365 days challange with Tarot & Oracle 

for Mystic Souls
Volume 2

This Creative Book contains 33 challenges that will follow you throughout the year.

This book is for Mystics wether they are Tarot beginners and advanced.


It is for you if you have the conviction that all that exists has a spiritual aspect, if you are a truth seeker, and you believe you can change your vision about yourself and the world you live in.

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Tarot & Oracle Challenges
Around the world
Special edition -

English version to come 

I am happy to present to you this special edition filled with questions and prompts, you can have fun with your cards whenever you want!

Whether you choose a random day or a specific day, it's up to you! With this book you will be in contact with your cards in a new creative way.

I wanted this book to be informative but light and Fun !

I hope you enjoy spending time with these prompts and your cards as much as I had fun creating this book! Steph

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Tarot & Oracle Challenges

This is the journal, with specially designed pages, to help you journal and write your insights following the first 3 books ...

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