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Journey with the Margarete Petersen Tarot

We are sharing here part of our study with this deck, if you want to know more about it, visit the main page of the challenge here or join our facebook group

Why is the deck here and now in our lives ?

Son of cups , I am here to remind you the silent yet powerful spirit of waters, of creativity, I remind you how to be in contact with spirits, how to channel : be silent and listen, feel... I am here to be a medium for teachings if you are willing to incorporate them in you and your life

What do we need to know from the deck ? what work will you do together ?

The devil : This world is an illusion, a set of mirrors in which everyone loses his initial memory and thinks he is caught up in a "prison" without any door to the outside. I help you, with your spirits, to free your self from all that, see your limits, but feel the freedom, unfurl your wings and fly...

What does the deck think about you ?

The lovers ! Oh that feels like a caress from this deck, I have been living some experiences with the snakes lately, and seeing it in the card reminds me of the expression : "We are made as a snake" ... "remember that your are a shapeshifter, your goal is to shift arround the principle of Oneness, not far from it, not thinking about it, but living by it's name. You learnt to see your darkness and your light, share your experiences with others, your inspirations, help them meet the "NON-", the silence of the comunion with the them to see the wisdom of their light and darkness ..."

Expertise of the #margaritepeterson ?

Even though this deck has shamanic and earthy vibes, I feel it is very feminine and gentle, it is like a mother or a grand mother who gives advice disguised in tales. I pick 2 cards : Mediatrix + 4 of cups.

I am a bridge between words, as above so bellow, I am the bridge between fire and water, air and earth, I bring all in together so you can experience this existence fully, I show you your state of the moment, and what is lacking so you can find the "All" in you. I can help you with your dreams, if you pick me before sleeping, I inspire you also shamanic journeys where you meet new spirits...

I am also here when you need new experiences, another view about a situation, when you are ready to listen and change accordingly, I am here when you want to be alone, when life is so charged that you want to find your self again... I am not a deck of every day, I am so sacred and strong that you need to find me only once a while... Our encounters will be strong memories that will guide you and ground you

Words : You are vessel and content, Dreams, Journeys, dealing with complicated situation or emotion, cleansing emotions

"I seem to keep continuously drawing the four of flames, which is the marriage card in the rider Waite Smith Tarot. In this deck, it specifies that this card is “the fire of shaping. The unshaped purple fire of the earth’s core touches the heavenly fire of the sun and together they strengthen each other through forces of polarity that structure themselves in golden waves of light.” I asked for a clarifier and I got the ace of flames which is the gift of creativity given from the source of all creation. In this deck, it’s the might of the inner forces that have been gathered, incubated, he heated and now they want to break free from the past and the future because the only thing that counts right now is the present… Being present and aware and making instant decisions.” So the Margarete Petersen deck is good for shaping and cultivating your creativity. Yep.

The son of cups tells me that this deck will be good for self-remembering, and it can also help in matters of emotions if I allow myself to fall, dropping my armor, to “follow the tracks of tiny air bubbles as a sink to the bottom, melting into that which awaits me.”

Funny that I should get the wheel of life. It is my personal year card. And it’s true: I feel like the world is revolving, with no beginning and no end and no escape. And I do feel like I hold on to happiness and also to suffering because I’m lost in a magnetic field of revolving, wondering why nothing is ever resolved.

Interesting that I should find the answer by the river. I hope so." by Shilo Lewis

Best TAROT Combinations ?

"I chose obsidian for the stone because I keep getting fiery cards (10 of flames). it is born through an explosive and fiery eruption of a volcano. With great power from deep within the earth, hot lava spews to the surface and quickly cools to form this natural black glass. When you find it, you have to peel away layer after layer, finding so many miraculous things within each layer. It is also protective. Citrine might also be a good one because it holds the energy of the sun (light), which is a wonderful thing when there are unseen things around! I chose the Oracle of Echoes for the oracle because it is based in spirituality. Possible tarot decks to combine with this one are "Ghosts and Spirits" and "A Deeply Spiritual Tarot." Echo thinks this may be CHAOS. " By Shilo Lewis

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