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Mage Cards

Work with Esoteric Archetypes
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2 decks - 2 jeux Oracles
Companion book in french and English
Work with Esoteric Archetypes with these 124 cards, Mage types and techniques for magical action...
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Symbolic cards that represent a collection of Mage types and techniques for magical action, and a pantheon of numinous creatures and mysterious elemental deities with which to commune.  

These decks represent a unique cosmological system based on principles of theurgic magic sourced from noetic and noeric themes. 

Its beings are derived from esoteric archetypes from ancient literature and popular lore ... 

“When one interacts with any system, to assist with the interpretation of direction in the cosmos, one is faced with a set of outcomes that bracket possible experience and future motion. The Mage Cards oracles open the craft of the cartomancer to a new set of theurgic possibilities, ones that aim to make tangible an unfolding fractal of synthesized mythos amid a poetics of phenomenon.” 

These decks include a subset of magely practices within the orders of witches, wizards, folk magic, black magic, divination and alchemy.  

This deck will be a very interesting deck to add to your collection if you are interested in magical practice and mythopoeic fantasy, theurgy, neo-platonic thought, art as magic and magic as art. 

“The Mage Cards engage with an interpretation of magical history, but also allow for the development of allegories by which we might linger in the now. The cards have been crafted to highlight the empowerment of the subject, who is imagined as a Mage of changeable vocation, and given a sense of agency in balance with a cosmos of Gods and Goddesses by which he or she may converse. Take on the Mage’s cloak, and the living universe becomes your guide and power.” Max

Exploring this theurgic system will introduce you to ways of being aligned with a polyphonous theurgic practice, allowing you to act with agency, spark creativity with archetypal and mythic forms, and interpret reality through the noeric realm of the divine.  

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These decks will help you to:

  • Interact with gods and goddesses, a constellation of lesser deities, magical places and arcane creations.

  • Empower yourself or others with attributes of multifaceted magical traditions,

  •  Seek clarity and guidance from a deep and layered cosmos of deities representative of elemental human experience in the fundament of now. 

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About the process of creation : The Mage Cards were created using an artistic practice of ink scrying through the lens of a color wheel representing nine pillars of mystical knowledge growth (Gnosis, Order, Nature, Chaos, Numina, Techne, Tulpa, Apeiron, Eros).  The colors are explained in the companion guidebook available in English and french.

A word about us :

Artist : Created by artist and writer Max Razdow, this work continues a lifelong art practice devoted to manifesting poetic interpretations of Nous and revealing hidden truths. This three year long series of drawings found form in a set of divination cards,which he has since used to create artwork that depicts meta levels of reality.  Max is eager to pass this set of magical tools on to others, to use and elaborate, for personal growth, divining paths of action or otherwise exercising magic and formulating meaning in one’s life and space of existence.

CoreMagik : Coremagik is a House of creation & Boutique created by Ouassima Issrae, We create Divine Magical tools to inspire and support women and men in their personal ascent and their empowerment. Other publications : Nest of Light Oracle, I DON't CARE Oracle,  Cosmic Laws OracleWisdom of trees: the workbook (available on Amazon). Practical guide to ascension Book. Interpret your intuitive drawings, co-authored with Paule Boucher (French book). Trees Guidance, Oracle deck. SelfCoachingKit for Hypersensitives - Oracle deck, etc. Find more here : 

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