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Livres accompagnateurs, videos et +
Companion books, videos and more

Bienvenue dans la section EXTRA - Freebies, vous trouverez ici des livres, des livres accompagnateurs, des vidéos et plus encore.

Welcome to the Freebies section, you will find here books, companion books, videos and more. 

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Développe ton intuition (valeur 15$us) 

Ouvre ton canal pour faire des tirages en confiance, des tirages qui sont pertinents et profonds 

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Develop your intuition (value 15$us)

Open your channel to make spreads and readings that are meaningful and profound

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Méditation & Moment de Connexion - Malaise Physique

Retrouvez ici des Méditation + PDF qui peuvent vous aider

La spiritualité n’est pas déconnectée de ce que nous vivons, ni de nos corps physiques ! Au contraire, elle nous aide à vivre et survivre à travers la dualité terrestre…à travers la souffrance que nous pouvons vivre à travers notre corps physique… 


MOT DE PASSE: jaimemoncorps 

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Download the FREE 16 day  

Reenchantment Challenge


 Download The Reenchantment Challenge, every month we hold a special challenge on our facebook group and this month is dedicated to every person that suffers from a chronic disease or a stressful moment, we want to re-enchant your life, many of us will be using the “Everyday Enchantment tarot” for many reasons! It is modern, rich, connects us to empathy in our everyday lives, to oneness (have you seen the green lines in every card ?) and finally because I admire the creator, courageous and creative, she suffers from some physical condition yet she is connected to magik and shares it with us through her work, I sincerely hope you will enjoy using her deck, as every purchase we make will also support her financially...

But of course, you can use any deck you have with this challenge, all you need is the courage to look deeper and ask these questions to your cards. Download the challenge booklet here.

ET voici des livres qui vont révolutionné ta maniére de tirer les cartes ! 



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Open the world

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Occupé / Busy?

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Le Journal

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