The Guided Hand Tarot is a hand-collaged Tarot deck, created by artist and illustrator Irene Mudd. It was self-published through Kickstarter in March 2018, and has since been sold to tarot lovers around the world.

This deck approaches the ancient symbolism of the Tarot from a queered, feminist perspective. It blurs many of the rigid gender binaries present in traditional tarot decks by representing queer and sometimes androgynous figures in place of many "male" or "female" archetypes. The overall aesthetic of the deck is vibrant, colorful and tactile, as it was created by hand through a combination of collage, painting, and embroidery. To learn more about the deck and see more pictures of the cards, check out the original Kickstarter campaign here:


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The Guided Hand Tarot


-card dimensions: 4.75x2.75"; box dimensions: 5.2x3.2x1.25"
-78 card, full color Tarot deck
-stored in a rigid 2-part box
-300 gsm cardstock
-includes 8 sided accordion-fold guidebook

*This edition does NOT have gilt edging*

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