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How to develop your talents using the Tarot?

You certainly know that the Tarot can help you develop your intuition, help you meditate, and so on.

But do you know that Tarot and Oracle can help you develop your talents and creative gifts ?

The Tarot is an excellent tool of personal and spiritual transformation, it helps us to know ourselves better and to understand the different phases of our life.

The Tarot also has mystical knowledge and images that reconnect us with the mysterious side of life.

But we can go even further by using the Tarot as a means to develop our hidden talents and gifts.

The Tarot and the sacred space

The advantage of using the Tarot to develop one's creative talents is to combine pleasure and imagination.

Tarot makes it possible to create a personal and intimate space in which we can express ourselves with honesty and without judgment. It transports us to a world where the imagination has no limit.

In a society where everything goes fast, the Tarot also teaches us to take the time, to sit down with ourselves to see us in a clear mirror.

It also encourages us to take action because taking time, engaging in the tarot involves a will, action and determination that we tend to overlook in the abundance of distractions in our daily lives.

A relationship of friendship and trust is thus woven with our decks, which allows us to put aside our fears and our doubts, we abandon ourselves to contemplation, we develop a kind of concentration and we move away from the busy mental !

And it is in this sacred space that our so and talents begin to blossom again!

How to enjoy these sacred moments to develop your talents

Enjoy these sacred moments to develop your talents

Do you have gifts or talents that you have neglected in recent years and that really give you pleasure?

If you answered yes, take time just in this sacred space to converse with your cards:

Spread: I remember my talents

Card 1: What talent in me needs to bloom?

Map 2: What prevents it?

Map 3: How can I grow it?

here is an example

Card 1: What talent in me needs to bloom?

Queen of Sword: Many talents!First, my fighting talent! The card reminds me of a resolution I had set aside for this year, the practice of martial arts. Then the card shows me my ability to turn my experiences into something positive that can help others, which I already do, but it seems like I can go further!

Card 2: What prevents it from blooming?

Queen of Pentacles: What can limit me is comfort in my current position, as if change or evolution could destabilize my stable situation. I protect myself by wanting to stay in what I already do, for example the fact that I do not re-engage in the martial arts shows my fear of being hurt again so I stay confortable but stagnant at the same time.

Card 3: How can I grow it?

Another king! King of Pentacles: cautious and stable, this card tells me that I am right to want to remain stable, but nothing prevents me to start slowly and quietly. Nothing urgent! and especially have a lot of fun. With determination, patience and the rule of little effort, I can let my talents bloom again.

Go further !

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Exercice 1

Always taking advantage of the sacred space you created with the Tarot, ask your deck: What do you need now?

I draw a card from my new Sakki Sakki tarot and I got the High Priestess, I'm immediately attracted by the dress that covers the whole body of the priestess except the face. I heard the tarot saying to me: "I need a pouch to cover me and preserve my mysteries. Its mauve color with gold ribbons". So I decided to sew a pouch specifically for it and it's in production. This will allow me to make the most of my seamstress skills (improvised!)

Exercice 2

  • Make a list of the talents you have already cultivated in the past

  • And another list of talents that you would like to develop in the future.

  • Now, see how can you combine these talents with the Tarot.

Here is an exemple :

Talents I have already cultivated in the past :

  • Writing

  • Drawing

  • Photography


Talents I would like to develop in the future :

  • Sewing

  • Collage

  • Work with wood

  • Make jewelry

  • Etc.

How can I combine these talents with the Tarot ?

  • Writing: I use the Tarots and oracles cards to write on my blog

  • I use photography to create decks (see The Tree's Guidance)

  • I use sewing to create pockets for my decks, etc.

Other talent that you can develop :