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How to deal with BURNOUT using Tarot ?

At one point in my life, I invested 200% of my energy enthusiastically in Enormous creative projects, which took a lot of energy, effort and mental focus.

Over time, I could not sleep at night because the flow of thoughts continued, it was also difficult to find my focus during the day, and I lost the pleasure of working and even doing activities with my friends !

I felt overwhelmed and unable to complete everything. Self-judgment pointed the nose and anger has soon followed. Inspiration has given way to mental overactivity, restlessness, fatigue, impatience, irritation and lack of confidence!

What is a Burnout?

Burnout or overworking is defined by the Larousse as :

"All disorders resulting from a physical or intellectual activity exercised beyond the threshold of fatigue"

We continue to work unconsciously despite fatigue !

Symptoms of Burnout

  • Mental and / or physical fatigue

  • Lack of motivation

  • Loss of pleasure

  • Forgetfulness, irritability, etc.

A stop, A retreat

When I realized that I was at the borders of burnout, I stopped EVERYTHING and retreated to rest, soothe my mind and take a step back.

Indeed, when we are in burnout, stepping back allows us to see that we have mixed our priorities: they include many things except ... ourselves.

So the first "repair to be done" is to get back "ourselves in priority.

What is really important to me here and now?

The answer to this question is essential to determine the next steps and to find some sense of inner balance, this includes rest, looking for professional help, and so on.

At that time, the answer for me was:

What is really important for me right now (after resting) is to find pleasure again.

After thinking 2 seconds (2 seconds is my maximum capacity to think when I am tired), I find out that to find pleasure:

  • In the long run: I had to redefine my role in projects and delegate,

  • In an emergency: have more fun and enjoy pleasure activities.

With my cards

I ended up with my cards, because they give me a HUGE pleasure! I decided to converse with them honestly ... but especially not in a complicated way, unlike some spreads that can be done because I did not have the strength to think. So here are some ideas for using your cards in a time of fatigue and burnout:

1. Just be: Just look at the cards, mix them, aimlessly (the mind is going to BE STRESSED, he want find a logic to this), breathe, do not worry, keep mixing ... watch .... Mix. If an idea comes, breathe ... let go .... Mix, look ...

2. Choose a POSITIVE and a HUG deck: in moments of burnout or fatigue, we become hypersensitive with a little of susceptibility. I like, at that moment, to choose decks that have soft messages, clear, simple, that go straight to the point, that give hope and light to the gray days and that remind me that my priority is ME. Here are some examples of the decks:

Oracles :

Tarot :

  • Guardian Angel Tarot

  • Magical Forest Tarot

  • Crystal Unicorn Tarot

  • Pearls of Wisdom tarot

  • Art of Tarot

  • Art of life Tarot

  • Hip Chick Tarot

  • Rabbit Tarot

3. Remember the BEAUTY: when I lose the taste of things because of fatigue, I like to look at pictures and cards that make me feel good: art, colors, Plants, flowers, etc. Scientists have proven the effect of art on brains and found that blood flow increased in areas of the brain usually associated with romantic love, which means more dopamine and so more fun! Here are some of these decks:

  • Mystical Wisdom Card Deck

  • Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards

  • Starchild Tarot

  • Lumina Tarot

  • Animal Wisdom Tarot

  • Spiritsong Tarot

  • Sacred Earth Oracle

  • Messages from the Plant world oracle

4. Remember the HUMOR: Yes, there are funny decks that make you laugh even if you see them hundreds of times, some cards can remind you of a character, others connect you with cute monsters.

  • Little monsters Tarot

  • Housewives tarot

  • Tarot of the Gnomes

  • Marshmallow Marseille

  • The Halloween tarot

5. Play: Play helps to reconnect with the inner child and the light and living part of ourselves that we have forgotten:

  • You're watching a movie? Pull a card and guess what's going to happen to the actors.

  • Pick one card at a time and tell a story

  • Chat with the cards, as if you are talking to a friend: Ask yourself what you are going to cook today and let them decide for you LOL

Next step, when you've rested a little your brain!

When we are in burnout, we go out of ourselves somehow, we become unaware of all the parts that constitute us.

We are like a horse that has started, but can not stop,

he does not know why he started,

he does not know what to do if he stops.

He gets lost in the "doing".

It is important to understand the origin of this burnout to disable the mechanism behind it. Whether individually or accompanied (which is better), Tarot or Oracles cards can help us at this stage.

I propose a simple spread and a more developed one to explore this question more deeply, but do then after the storm, you will be able to think and analyze ;)

Simple spread

1st card: What is the cause of this burnout?

2nd card: What is its impact on my life?

3rd card: What is the lesson of this experience?

4th card: How can I get out of this situation ?

Complete spread

What is the cause of this burnout?

3 cards:

  1. The past: is it the experience that comes from the past, is it because of my conditioning / education, the escape from pain, etc.?

  2. The present: A lot of work? The pressure? A stressful environment?

  3. The perception of the future: because of a dream to reach? The fear of running out of money?

What is its impact on my life?

3 cards:

  1. At the physical level

  2. At the mental level

  3. At the emotional, family, relational level

As a soul, why did I choose this experience? What do I have to learn from this passage? What is the lesson?

How can I cope now? What can I do here and now to get back on track?


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Much love , Ouassima

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