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An article that every tarot creator and trader should read

The buyer ...

I often speak in my articles about our relationship with cards and how the Tarot can help us create a sacred space in which we can evolve.

The relationship with the cards is very mysterious, cards can attract us, charm us, frighten us, way before they come into our hands.

This relationship actually begins as soon as we see the cards: whether through instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even in a Reader that made a reading for us.

The images enter our unconscious and quietly operate their magic ...

sometimes, we may need these cards longer in our life. At this point, we start googling and Oops! We click on the famous button "make the order".

And there ... begins a long journey of waiting ... to receive his new lover.

The creator or seller

The creator or seller must be aware of this expectation Mode.

they must also know that when you make an order, you open your heart to them, you show your sensitivity, your vulnerability, your desires, your dreams. you communicate your needs and hopes.

The seller must take that into account, such as the therapist who receives a client with vigilance, kindness and delicacy.

Selling is sharing a passion

The concept of "customer service" is gone, because it lacks sincerity and is done mechanically!

In the buying and selling relationship, there is above all:

  • An exchange of a common passion,

  • A silent but intimate complicity,

  • And a sharing of Values!

Each exchange is an opportunity to share with confidence what is most noble in humans: attention to the other, beauty, kindness, recognition of the contribution of the other, etc.

Fantastic Menagerie and RC

I recently experimented this type of exchange with RC, a Tarot lover.

I was looking for about an year for "The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot", I always remained on the lookout if it emerges ...

I called him with all my being and he heard my call.

So I found the post of RC who proposed it for sale; after a very pleasant exchange, fluid and reassuring (because buying a rare tarot in the free market is not always safe). We agreed on the price and RC was so kind that he agreed to pay the shipping costs and send me another Tarot for free!

The wait was long, but RC remained in contact and followed the course of the package every day to inform me and reassure me.

A beautiful relationship with a Tarot begins even before he arrives at home


I received the decks, they are wrapped with the greatest care.

RC used a large plastic bubble and inside each package, I found another purple wrap.

My hands slow down when opening them, I see that RC has taken time to pack them one by one, and that leads me to consider these packets with more attention and care like a baby that is taken in the arms for the first time ...

I find another gift inside ...

I continue…

At the bottom, I find another box, the one that holds my new lover, I open it, I find a nice card ...

"I hope you find much happiness with this deck ...""

This box and all this packaging fills my heart with joy: the joy of receiving, the joy of taking care of something that is destined for me, and therefore taking care of my hopes, my needs ...

From now on, every time I watch "The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot" my heart will fill with joy!

Through this simple exchange, I am sure RC learned much about me and I learned about him. RC is a graceful person, sweet, attentive, spiritual, connected, creative with a child's side waiting to be explored. He has a taste for elaborate dishes, he enjoys good coffee / chocolate / tea ! He is someone who is careful, likes to plan for the future in order to feel safe, etc....

To sell or buy ... is always more than a transaction .. It is an opening of heart to one another...

RC thank you !

*****After reading this article, RC answered me :)

"So my daily 3 card read makes more sense now. I was totally stumped this morning. .."

Yes that's true ! This is the perfect relationship between the seller and buyer !

Much love,


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