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The Wild Unknown Tarot : What is your spirit ?

This article is a summary of our month study with this deck. Many participants gave their opinions and feelings about it. To find all the posts and know more about this study, check here


  • Embodied Wisdom ,Clarity of Mind,

  • Penetrating Thought, and Higher Perception

  • Fair and objective.

  • Strong and stubborn

  • Visionary, passionate, free spirit.

  • Honest, loving, nurturing and non-judgmental listening counsellor

  • May be cruel and comes with determination and "obstination".

  • Gentle one moment and Wild the next.

  • Calm to Angry, from Beautiful to Ugly.


  • Guidance based on the facts of situation. Clear direction, and no nonsense, Quick ideas.

  • Perceptive and sees things from all angles, and the bigger picture

  • Brings a stabilising to readings, protects from any external disturbances and


  • Reliable and good to read with in a crisis, difficult times, obstacles and transition or spiritual breakthrough

  • A daily friend you can turn to for your projects and magic.


Go ahead

  • Remember your strength and focus on your projects, pursue your desires and goals with confidence

  • Discover all of your qualities and inner potential, so you can independently accomplish a life that feels comfortable and right for you.

  • You're on the right path, follow your own truth, find your own solutions - the universe will support you

  • Develop Peace of Mind, and deepen your ability to cut throught inconsequential data, in order to arrive at Core Principles,

Go dark

  • Understand the light and shadows of life without holding back.

Feel safe and do not be afraid to “go dark” and explore life’s great mysteries.

Be proud

  • You should be proud of who you are and where you come from and also where you will go.

  • You should Own everything about yourselves.


  • Yes , crazy things might be going on in the World , but we are all in this together and you are Needed , Loved and a Beautiful being inside and out!


  • Fill your life with vitality and health...

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