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Druidcraft tarot : What is your spirit ?

This article is a summary of our month study with this deck. Many participants gave their opinions and feelings about it. To find all the posts and know more about this study, check here


Unconditional love & compassion.

Most loving and encouraging deck

Brings enthusiasm, energies and creativity for readings

This deck has a masculine energy : Man are large in stature, hairy and brutish faces, scantily clothed.

Many of the cards feature nudity

Everyone from ancient Celtic society is represented, from babies and children to the elders.

Struggling with the size of the cards, nice to be trimmed.

By Shilo Lewis :

DRUID CRAFT: Day #1- Complete question #1 while working with your Druid Craft deck. *There are many ways to do this. You can pull a card for each category of questions, you can pull a card for each question, or you can pick a question and pull a card for that. I decided to pull one card and I got the four of pentacles. I looked at the card and I did not use the guide book at all so I could be off… From the symbols I believe that he has his back turned to the world and his focus towards this “secret” trunk, and although there are shadows in the room, the sunlight coming through the window shows that he has a lack of awareness and a fixation on material possessions. *This card reminds me of hoarding. Like hoarding things because you either can’t trust yourself with the contents or because you are afraid that somebody will steal your stuff or maybe saving to escape to another place? There are so many animals in this and I was actually surprised at how many wild boars, Falcons and domesticated dogs I found. This deck is Celtic, very old, and written from an ancient druid and Wiccan perspective. This is meant to tap into ancestral wisdom. The art is beautiful but somewhat creepy and some of the cards..: such as the High Priestess card and Temperance card. For me it smells like paint varnish and is very smooth and almost velvety, but it tastes like Sheppard’s Pie! This deck reminds me of the movie Merlin and the music by Sinead O’Connor. I do not like to shuffle the deck because it is so large and has a big borders! Day 2: HOW DO YOU PRESENT YOURSELF? The Prince of Wands comes galloping in on his trusty steed, wand raised high in the air, as it is ready to conquer anything and all. He has an air about him, for he was raised by the King and will be King someday. With a passion for adventure and an overflowing exuberance for discovery, he is a free spirit and he is unafraid, yet unaware because of his youth. In fact, he is not very different from the Fool. (Side note: I was actually shocked that the Fool is represented as a woman in this deck!) Do you carry people in there? MANY PEOPLE... all white, all DRUID (Irish) from peasants to kings, poor to rich, young to old, beautiful to ugly, adorable to downright SCARY! If so, how are they? This deck has a masculine energy. In fact, the only cards that I find "feminine" are the five pictured below. The rest are quite masculine in nature: large in stature, hairy and brutish faces, scantily clothed (not rich), as if they live off of the land- pre-Industrial Revolution. The clothing is as follows: rags, cloaks- (customary Druid clothing for the times?) Many of the cards feature nudity, more than I thought would- (Maybe it is a privilege to own clothing, maybe certain populations (royalty) only get to wear fancy clothing.) What are your main colors? Cool colors with complimentary colors (orange/copper) used in complementary way, low-fi colors (heavy in contrast), darker green and light blue are on mostly every card in the deck... The sky is always blue and the grass is always green. There is also orangish/copper in many cards. Mostly, the colors of the cards are differentiated by character's clothing. What do those colors mean for YOU? Older times, handmade with love, lucky to have fitted clothing, color and clothing are afforded by and reserved for royalty What do they mean for ME? A fairytale landscape, grass always green, life before corporations took over, vintage, makes me think of how life was for my great grandparents, growing up back in the day, and also if the pretty backgrounds are misleading... Isn't it difficult and major work to live off of the harsh land? A rugged lifestyle for sure- makes me think of the phrase "road hard and put away wet..." What are your suits? Pentacles, Swords, Cups, and Wands Do you have a royal family? Four: Princess, Prince, Queen, King Day 3: So, concerning your honeymoon, how is it going? It is going well. I am becoming more familiar with a deck I had sitting for quite sometime! Are you in love with this deck? -Not really, I like it as a friend. If so, why/why not? -It is just not my type...LOVE IS A STEONG WORD... Plus, this deck likes to run around scantily clothed, or with no clothes on and all. I find that somewhat embarrassing! Are there any specific cards that freak you out, and why do you think that is? -Death and the Devil are scary looking cards in most decks, but the High Priestess and Temperance are usually beautiful... Not in this deck! They are downright frightening. If I saw Temperance or the HP on the streets, I would run fast in the opposite direction! Usually good cards and taken in a positive way but this deck makes them look like scary witch doctors! Any Oracle deck that you feel goes well with Druid Craft? -Druid Animal Oracle And what about crystals? -Onyx, Lapis, Malachite and Jade Day 4: First of all, who are YOU? Tell us about yourself under Quassima’s post. Then draw cards to find out more about the Druidcraft deck. Ask your deck: How are you feeling today? Draw another card and ask: When would you like to meet? (Is it day or night?) Pick one last card and ask: Every day or every two days? DAY 5: How is everyone doing with their Druid Craft deck so far this week? I am rather enjoying the look of the characters and scenery! What is your expertise? Pull a card and then examine it very closely. Look for the symbolism in the card's characters, scenes, and colors to find the answers to all of questions. If you need to, keep pulling cards until your questions are answered sufficiently.

DAY 6: Today almost marks a week of being with our druid craft decks! And today we ask the more serious questions, like: “why are you here?”, “what do I need to know from you?” and “what will we do together?” You end today’s study with the very important question about what the deck thinks of you. You can do this however you see fit to get the answers you need. I pulled two cards so far, and I’m scared to pull more! LOL DAY 7: -What have you learned about me during our first week together? -What have I learned about you this week? -What is your conclusion to our honeymoon? So sorry I missed the chat! I had to help a friend move from Wyoming to Nevada, and I’ve been asleep since I got home! There is a challenge this week to express the Ace of Swords artistically. Please post your creation in the group! How exciting!!!! And for today, use two decks and let the decks speak to one another. ** Here is an example from Quassima: I am using my ophidia rosa with my fountain Tarot, I pick one card from each and letting them discussing together. Fountain : 5 of cups, oh, I am really feeling sad today, I lost so many thinks, I have no hope anymore... Ophidia Rose : 2 of wands, why ! look ahead of you there are so many new opportunities coming, see the 2 of cups behind you (funny with the 2 of wands = antipode) . Let me share my bright vision of the future. I pick 2 other cards Fountain : Death, oh no, it is done for me, I want to leave this town, I don't see my future here. Ophidia : Page of pentacles: I see that you are not feeling good now, so your vision is too dark. Lets' try a therapeutic approach to get you out of this... (photo from the net too lazy today lol) Can’t wait to see and hear what your decks are saying!

DAY 8: How was your experience sleeping with your deck last night? Today we are asking our decks a few questions: -How are we doing together this week? -What is your promise to me? -What do you need? (I pulled 2 cards for this, but you can pull as many as you like until you have your answer!) DAY 9: Use this spread with your deck. DAY 10: I already posted on Quassima’s strand for the continuation of the story. I drew a card from my deck and continued the story that she had started. If you are doing this challenge alone, pick one card at a time and tell your story. It doesn’t need to make sense because the goal is to have fun!

DAY 11: It seems rather insensitive, but there are some sexy decks out there! SHHHH!!!! Today we will ask our decks this question: Should I get another deck or not? LMAO! DAY 12: So I created a shadow spread and this is what I got from it: I need to accept that my mother is my mother, no matter how she is and love her just the same. I need to forgive my unconscious mind and listen only to the voice that is soundless. I need to release the thought of running away from it all because it doesn’t really help in the end. I am learning that the devil is no good man! No matter what he promises you, he is lying. I can seek healing and recovery when I’m dead, or when my life has been so transformed, in such a way, that I want to die. I can get help from Art, like I always have and I always will. DAY 13: What do I need to focus on? -What do I need to push away? -What do I need to balance? -What is the best attitude for a good week? I need to focus on the wheel and remember that what goes up must always come down. Duh! I need to move on or push way from the 10 of cups because it’s a fairytale. It’s not real. With the five of swords, I know I need to balance conflict that is both exterior and interior. The prince of cups tells me to move forward slowly with love. (Or is that to take the chalice and drink up?) LOL! DAY 14: What are the symbols in your deck that speak to you PERSONALLY? :)) Colors ? a face ? a mountain ? .... Let’s use the symbols to create an avatar or a simple and creative ritual that will help you manifest your intention. If you feel so inclined, please take a picture and share it in the group.

DAY 15: Today we practice with others to see how our deck gets along with them. Choose the spread and exchange readings with someone in the group.

DAY 16: I hate the flu! But it happens… So I am trying to rush the very last week all into one day in order to complete the challenge! And Day 4 is so much fun! For today, imagine that you’re offering a reading to someone and choose a card. make the face (and take a picture of it or draw it and share it with us) that shows the face of the quarantine when he/she sees the card that you picked. I pulled the king of swords! DAY 17: Today we will have a joyful day! 1. choose the cards from the deck that give you joy that you feel in your heart not in your head. 2. choose the cards that make you feel peaceful and put them in a room that needs more peace in your house. 3. choose the cards that give you an appetite. 4. choose the cards that connect you to spirit.

Day 18: Time to get serious! The ending is so close! Today we ask our deck: -Did you ever love me? -If I do stay with you, what will you offer me? -What do you keep from our relationship? -What shall I keep from our relationship? And finally... -what is your last advice for me after these 21 days?

Day 19: A break today.

Day 20: Today is the last day! Look at your card tracker and bring all of those cards together. Do they tell a story? What do you see?

Day 21: And finally: Please complete this little survey for Quassima: 1. How was your experience completing this challenge? 2. Will you be getting old with your deck or not? Why? Why not? 3. Did you enjoy this experience? If so, please share with your friends! I pulled the high priestess the most throughout the challenge. The second card that I seemed to get often was the magician. I got the wheel of fortune one time and I always love getting that card as it is my birth card. In answer to Ouassima’s questions: 1. This was a great experience for me and I definitely got to know this deck, which is absolutely wonderful because it has sat on my shelf for two years. 2. My husband has already claimed this deck because he is of Irish descent. He tried to get it the first day I was using it and store it in his own collection and I had to go and confiscate it back. He will take this deck right now. 3. I enjoyed the heck out of this experience and I will definitely be recommending it to more friends than I have already! Thank you Ouassima! You are golden, my dear!


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