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Meet with The Spirit of SunFlower

Several cultures in the world have claimed they descendant directly from the sun: Incas, Egypt, Japan, China for example and have used symbols related to the Sun to emphasize this belonging such as the Sunflower, the eagle, the sun disc, the Lion , Gold, etc. Similarly, several Gods and Goddesses or saints have also been connected to the Sun throughout history: Amateseru (Japan), Ra, Sekhmet and other gods (Egypt) Shamash (Babylon), Apollo (Greece), Mithras (Persia) , Budha (India and China), Vishnu (India), Christ (nicknamed Sol Justitiae or Sol Invictus).

The sun symbolizes the Divine Masculine, Cosmic or divine Connection, strength and authority, awakening, unity, etc.

The Sunflower is linked to the sun by its name. Its botanical name "Helianthis Annus" means: helios / sun + Anthos / flower + annus / annual, that is to say that the plant has an annual life cycle.

Arrived in Europe in the 16th century from Mexico and Peru, the plant was called "Girasol" = Turns to the sun.

Flower of the sun, it boosts energy and instantly raises vibrations. It is the flower that is used to release condensed or stagnant energies and residues in the energy body. It helps people who have the feeling of being lost, in the clouds, outside of their bodies, those who need to find their soul fragments or what was blocked for a long time (trauma) .

It cleans and restores harmony; it reminds cells of their central Sun. Bring the joy and balance necessary to take the leap.

My vision / Meditation suggested: The Sunflower presents itself in front of me and looks me in the eyes, I feel the Truth and the divine connection to a Master. He / she sends me rays of sunshine filled with love and light.

Note : In your private page, you will find more about my journey with the Sunflower and you have access to a shamanic journey to do)

In therapy:

Sunflower oil is known to be:

Used for removing warts, treating snake bites or treating sunburn.


Skin softening and soothing



Protector of the cardiovascular system

Stimulating the immune system

Laxative, purgative

Protective of the nervous system


And acts to prevent cardiovascular disorders

Sunflower seeds: antioxidants, source of vitamin E, rich in B6 and Magnesium. Combat cell aging, limit the risk of the onset of cardiovascular pathologies and certain cancers.

Therapeutic use: oil for internal and external use, sunflower seed, infusion of sunflower petals (often mixed with other plants), etc.

Collaboration in Magic:

Magic plant by its geometric shape, its movements and its link with the sun. The seeds can be worn or used with the intention of regaining energy, courage, strength and own power.

Petals can be used to energize a love or parent-child relationship and to bring harmony, and in business to bring "glory."

Dried flowers to put at the entrance of the house as protection.

Connection to the Gods and Goddesses with this flower, to honor them too.

Vehicle of several rays, and other energies.

Keywords: Sun, energy, force, transmutation, Aura

Organs: Digestive and Local systems as needed.

Chakras: Solar plexus chakra, Stargate, sacred chakra

Color: Yellow, brown and green. Fear and doubt Vs courage, between the consciousness of the self Vs consciousness of the One, What is possible Vs the impossible, Strength Vs Wisdom, joy and hope Vs mourning, new beginning.

Cosmic Laws: Law of Attachment, Law of Movement, Law of Harmony and Purification, Law of Faith, Balance, Resistance, Law of Free Will, Law of One, Law of Grace and love. Inspired by the Oracle of Cosmic Laws

Flower accompanying: Marguerite.

Caution: If you are allergic to Sunflower

Harvest: The whole flower must be removed and dried so that the seeds are easily detached.

Tarot cards and correspondence:

The Sun (several tarot, Nature Spirit Tarot, Textured Tarot, Green Witch Tarot): Symbolizes strength, loyalty, longevity, evolution, vital energy, power and awakening, centering, freedom…

The Magician (Herbcrafter Tarot): Power of manifestation, seed, being a channel and an example of transformation.

Inspired by the Box and Oracle : Shamanic Healing with Roses & Flowers.

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