This semi-traditional our deck holds 78 cards (plus 2 bonus cards!) of hand worked magic, thought up by the creator Devin of Ambient Light Tarot and designed/hand painted by the hands of Brittany of The deck features a spiritual and realism vibe that walks through the lives of animals in the woods. From foxes to bears - to owls and wolves. Each Suit is represented by an empowering woodland creature and the Majors too! Stay tuned to the work on Instagram at @tarot_fauna.

This deck set features:
- 80 card deck is linen, thick card stock.
- 2 piece box
- And 200+pg PDF guidebook (physical copies of the guidebook for $12+ shipping and are purchased directly from our print house OR download the FREE PDF guidebook).

**To download the FREE PDF of the guidebook go to www.lovelightandlegacy. and search under SHOP ALL.


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Tarot Fauna


Please allow me 2 to 3 days to send the decks as I am a small business and I need to gather the decks t be sent before heading to the post office :)


I suggest you take also the traking shipping if you want to be sure you about the process of delivery :)

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