The Lioness Oracle Tarot was collaged by hand, using found paper images. It contains the traditional Seventy-Eight cards of the Tarot, with the Twenty-Two Major Arcana, and the Fifty-Six Minor Arcana of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Being that the deck was made through collaging, it has a unique quality. Some of the images are straight forward, while others stretch the imagination. The vivid colors and cosmic connection of this creation invite you to open your third eye, expand your consciousness, and manifest your dreams. The cards are three and a half by five inches, with a glossy finish, antique gold edging, and thick 400gsm card stock. They come in a beautiful lidded box.

Included with the deck is a Ninety-Four page guidebook! It contains divinatory meanings and Astrological correspondences for the Seventy-Eight cards, as well as information on cleansing the deck, centering/shielding/grounding, learning to read reversed cards, and Numerology. 

Blessed Be!     ) O (


💐Box & Oracle : Shamanic Healing with Roses and Flowers == This Oracle is in english and french



I am convinced that flowers have a much higher consciousness and a luminous Presence... so close to the Stars. By their generosity, their vibrations of love and light, they lift us up, reconnect us to our Essence; they remind us of our Cosmic origins…


I was born in a small town named "the city of Roses", and since my childhood I wondered about my birth: why I landed on Earth in this place precisely! I could have been born, for example, in the province of Hokkaido in Japan, perhaps in a small village in the north of Ireland?
But today that I publish this oracle, my arrival on Earth, precisely in this city of Roses, takes even more meaning ... It is in this city that I connected to roses and I awoke my love for them ...
So I share with you through this oracle, this love I have for the Kingdom of Plants, and more particularly for flowers and roses, hoping with all my heart that it will be a healing tool and that it will bring harmony where it will be around the world.


💐This deck & box are for you if:
+ You love plants and you consider them as living beings
+ You are interested in Shamanism and Cosmic healing
+ You want to bring healing and harmony to different areas of your life: emotional, relational, professional, ancestral ...
+ You are ready to be initiated into the Mystical Secrets of Flowers
+ You are an herbalist, aromatherapist, or therapist and you want to add another energetic and vibrational dimension to your practice.
+ You want to collaborate with flowers and other Allies to bring Light to certain places in the world.

💐How to use this Box  and deck?
+ You can choose one card per day, per week or for 21 days.
+ You can use them to make a draw of cards by combining them with other Tarots or Oracles, and also for sessions / vibratory spreads / Sessions.


💐In this Box, you will receive:
+ 60 cards + Guide book in PDF format in French and English of 109 pages
+ Link to a web page where content is added as we experiment with these flowers
+ Surprise physical sacred tools are added to this Box so that you can meet the flowers with your different senses
+ Shamanic journeys in electronic format to have direct experiences with certain flowers.
+ A Full Live Opening Ritual and the video is recorded and accessible on Video on February 14, 2020 at 7 p.m. (France time)

💐Who am I ?
Ouassima is an author and creator, intuitive therapist and Cosmic Messenger, she offers shamanic and energetic treatments and gives multiple training and online programs.
She is inspired by nature, Magic and the stars.
Known for her creativity and sweetness, she creates different tools to help in everyday life, and she shares lessons to support the ascent process.


To each order, please add your email so that I can send you the accompanying videos.

For more information, contact me directly :)

Shamanic Healing with Roses and Flowers + LIONESS tarot


Prices in $us

Please allow me 2 to 3 days to send the decks as I am a small business and I need to gather the decks t be sent before heading to the post office :)

I suggest you take also the traking shipping if you want to be sure you about the process of delivery :)

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