This is a 63-card oracle deck inspired by the beauty and mystery of the natural world and its relationship to the human spirit. Each image is intuitively hand-painted and collaged using a variety of mediums, vintage prints, and hand-marbled paper.  

As an artist and tarot enthusiast, Claire has always wanted to make a deck of divination cards. Originally setting out to create a traditional tarot deck, she found herself moving intuitively toward imagery and symbolism that resonates more deeply with her personal journey as a painter, nature lover, and wisdom seeker. Twelve of the cards in the deck are from figurative paintings in her collection that hold special significance to her. They represent the human element – the mind and soul of the seeker here on Earth – whose journey is necessarily integrated with the planet and cosmos. 

The cards measure 4.75" x 3" and come in a sturdy 2-piece box with a 24-page booklet that gives gentle guidance for contemplation on each card.

Illuminated earth Oracle


Use this booklet to get to know your oracle deck and share with us your discoveries in our Facebook Group :)

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