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Nice Washed decks, Hug Decks, What are they ?!!

Dealing with New Terms about Tarot

Nice Washed decks, hug decks, lighthearted decks and more..

Tarot and oracle cards bring interactions between people, and when we talk about interaction, we talk about views, opinions, different experiences and sometimes conflict !

Tarot becomes a field of experimentation of living together, like our work place, school or friendship. But to succeed in this experiment, we need to :

- Be aware of our shadow parts

- Raise our awareness and have a bigger vision

- Develop patience, and be openminded

- Interact with love and kindness

- And more...

All these things, Tarot come to teach us, even before we start playing!

So let's go back to the new definitions

What are "Nice Washed decks": These are decks that remove the "negative" aspects of cards and focus on positive and empowering messages. They are decks that help us when we need support and positive affirmations, give courage when we are bunt out, sick or having emotional issues.

Among these games we find for example:

  • The oracles of Doreen Vertue and Colette Baron-Reid

  • The Universe Has Your Back

  • Power Thought Cards

  • Self Coaching Kit

  • Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle

  • Crystal Unicorn

  • Starchild Tarot

  • Marshmallow Marseille

  • Lioness Oracle Tarot

The + of these decks

1. These cards can be of great support when we go through a difficult experience, for example, the Angels Tarot was of great help to me during a difficult journey in the hospital, these cards helped me to see the end of the tunnel and gave me hope to get out!

2. For beginners, this is a very nice entry into the world of Tarot, because sometimes we find explanations on the cards and they are exposed in a simple and easy way to remember.

3. This type of card is ideal for people who are sensitive to images and their interpretations, they are soft, beautiful, and do not include scary cards like other cards! I have the Deviant Moon in mind !!!

4. For spiritual seekers, these cards can also be used as "accessible and easy gates" to connect to certain Kingdoms according to the cards, for example the kingdom of Unicorns, of Angels, or Fairies.

5. It is also possible to use these decks to be reconciled with a part of ourselves that needs to be recognized and welcomed, such as the "Sacred Woman" or the "Inner child"

The - of these decks

1. I personally believe that we can do everything with our cards, that said, at a certain moment, we can feel that these decks are disconnected from our reality for example: in situations where we need honest answer and without artifice or to face the darkness in us.

2. Also, the Tarot (the 3 systems) was created for specific reasons and has a logic in it. Each card contains treasures in it (by the colors, symbolisms, etc.) and to leave them aside can attenuate the message of the card and makes us lose its richness.

3. When we use Hug Decks, we adhere to the vision of the creator of the deck which limits our vision, but the Tarot encourages us to study, search and find the meaning for oneself.

Synonyms and nuances

You may find different definition of these decks, and I encourage you to find yours, here are some synonymes with nuances

  • White washed decks: no negative messages, no scary images, conforting, positif

  • Hug decks: Comforting, positifs messages

  • Lighthearted decks: May have scary images, but they are fun and whimsical, conforting decks : exemple : Sakki Sakki Tarot

You have another definition, a suggestion, please share it with me in

****Interested in Tarot, check this free 21 days challenge, to get to know your deck

Find more here :

Much love , Ouassima

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